Music Composer Spills the Beans on God of War IV

Music Composer Spills the Beans on God of War IV

It’s frustrating when sequels aren’t officially announced, especially when everyone already knows it’s going to happen. Thankfully, some people who are working on the God of War title have some pretty loose lips.

God of War is one of those titles that Sony is surely not going to let die. It makes far to much money and is way to good to push aside, but why does Sony refuse to officially announce the existence of Kratos’ next adventure? Well, we don’t have to wait for the good people at Sony to quit dragging their heels as one of the game’s musical composers has already spilled the gigantic, bloody can of God of War beans.

First discovered by Siliconera, the resume of one Timothy Williams has an interesting listing under the ‘Video Games’ category.

Williams has confirmed that the listing is in fact not a mistake and that the game does truly exist.

Rumors of the game’s existence have been swirling for some time now, including speculation regarding a September 2012 release date, but as has become the case more often, people working on the title generally tend to be the ones inadvertently announcing its existence well ahead of schedule. This begs the question, is this just another sneaky marketing ploy that Sony is using to build hype for the game by ‘leaking’ information through employees? Probably not. Any and all inquiries sent to Sony by various publications across the web regarding the issue have all been met with the typical ‘no comment’ response, which to many means “you’re totally spot on and 100% correct, but I’ll lose my job if I say yes.”

Also, Timothy Williams’ website, which hosted his resume, has long since completely and disappeared, along with the resume – which you can still find right here. I guess that’s what you get for preemptively unveiling one of Sony’s flagship titles without the green light to do so. But, I think I speak for gamers the world over when I say ‘Thank you, Mr. Williams, for putting to rest all the speculation and rumors.”


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