Microsoft Flight Makes Flying Free

Microsoft Flight Makes Flying Free

I promised myself that I try to prevent my absurd love for all things flight from seeping into my writing , but the new Microsoft Flight trailer has seen that baby get tossed out with the bath water… whatever that means.

Generally regarded as one of the most realistic flying experiences available, the Microsoft Flight Simulator experience is about to get an overhaul this spring in the form of a new, completely free, downloadable title called Microsoft Flight.

Available at some point this spring, the free version of Microsoft Flight will feature the ability to fly around the tropical paradise of Hawaii completing missions while searching for hidden items scattered around the island. Despite its lack of a price, Microsoft Flight will feature loads of extra content – some of which updates on a daily basis – including extra hidden item locations, new regions, additional planes, and endless customization options.

If you are not already a Games for Windows Live user, you can sign up for a free account and gain access to the Boeing Stearman plane, additional missions, an online pilot profile, and the mysteriously addicting Microsoft Achievements.

[youtube id=”eN7tgLh4pfA” width=”600″ height=”350″]

If you, like me, can hardly contain your excitement, you may want to check out the beta testing program as Microsoft is currentlylooking for testers.


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