Jak & Daxter HD Collection Coming Sooner Than You Think

Jak & Daxter HD Collection Coming Sooner Than You Think

It’s always nice when a much anticipated title manages to sneak up on you, but what’s even better is when you barely have time to think before it releases.

Last year certainly could have been described as the year of the HD remake and it seems like 2012 may be off to a similar start with one of the PlayStation’s most beloved, yet surprisingly forgotten about, franchises getting the HD makeover.

The Jak and Daxter Collection has been out in the open for quite some time now, but an official release date has been nowhere to be found. Thankfully, Evan Wells, Co-President of Naughty Dog, dropped a massive note on the PlayStation Blog earlier today regarding the game and its release.

“The wait is almost over, Jak and Daxter fans! I’m happy to announce that Jak and Daxter Collection launches in North America on February 7th. In a few short weeks you’ll be able to score the first three installments of the Jak and Daxter trilogy in one complete PS3 Blu-ray package for just $39.99.”

Additionally, each game has been remastered in full 720p HD and supports stereoscopic 3D functionality. As if that isn’t enough, the Jak and Daxter Collection will also feature over 100 trophies, including the illustrious Platinum variety,  for all you hunters out there to obsess over.

That leaves exactly two weeks to clear that holiday back-log in preparation for a much deserved trip back to a time when games were a bit simpler, but still massively fun.

For those of you who happen to live in Europe, you will have to wait a bit longer as the European release date has been set for February 22nd.

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