Happy New Year! Now Go Talk To Calendar Man

Happy New Year! Now Go Talk To Calendar Man

2012 is upon us with what is sure to be another exciting year for games, but your first order of business is to make your way back to Arkham City and talk to a certain someone.

As you hopefully did for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, you need to head into the depths of Arkham City once more to see just exactly what it is that Calendar Man has to say this time. It’ll only take but a second, depending on how easily you get distracted by breaking people’s jaws.

You can find him in the basement of the courthouse where you first stumbled upon Catwoman and Two-Face. You have to enter through the back and head downstairs to find him rotting away in his cell.

All you trophy/achievement hunters may not want to miss this, that is unless you have cheated the system by changing your console’s internal clocks. If that’s the case…then I applaud your ingenuity!

Other dates to look forward to (or possibly set your clocks to):

February 14th – Valentine’s Day
March 17th – Saint Patrick’s Day
April 1st – April Fool’s Day
May 13th – Mother’s Day
June 17th – Father’s Day
July 4th – Independence Day
August 16th – Feast of Saint Roch
September 3rd – Labor Day

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