Games I Have Played…And The Reasons Why

Games I Have Played…And The Reasons Why

As Eric contemplates his reasons for missing many a classic title, I instead look to the past to those titles I’ve played that I consider to be cult classics, but many have probably never heard of.

See, while Eric may have missed many of the mainstream titles of the past few years, I’ve played practically all of them. My library of next-generation console games is bordering on the ridiculously huge level, filled to bursting point with games I didn’t really want, but still bought because they were either a) cheap or b) looked remotely interesting and were designed to fill a void between the next big title.

That isn’t what this piece is about though. This is instead looking at those gaming series’/lone entries that I consider, personally, to be absolutely forgotten gems that still give me a great deal of joy and probably should be picked up immediately by you beautiful readers as soon as possible.

Incidentally, show support to my cause of getting Eric to unwrap Kingdom Hearts 2 from its wrapping by telling him he’s strange in the comments. It’s been nestling and growing increasingly annoyed in the original packaging for years now and the man blatantly refuses to open it. The game wants to be played Pederson!

I want to begin this list of excellent titles by starting with a relatively new one:

An Odyssey of Lost Memories, Random Battles and – GASP – World Maps!

[youtube id=”W1k9Z0QF9O0″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

Square Enix’s Lost Odyssey may be the most unappreciated RPG of the next-generation. The game has its fans, but a lot of people probably never played this rather excellently put together RPG title because it slipped reasonably under the radar, even though it is arguably the best Japanese RPG title on the Xbox 360.

A story of a group of immortals who’ve lost their memories and become entangled in a plot by a mysterious and powerful wizard hell bent on controlling the world, Lost Odyssey included a reasonably unique, ring-based attack system integrated into random battles, a massive world to explore, loads of side quests and brought back that ‘old-school’ RPG feeling that I feel has been missing from Square Enix titles in recent memory. I mean, there was even a world map! Sure, it was only navigable by using a vehicle, but it was so cool to once again be able to go out and explore the world without having to select an area from a menu and instead go off wandering.

I could talk for ages about Lost Odyssey, but I’ve done it before in my review, which you can read here.

Fighting Force

[youtube id=”k4ooiR8mXTM” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Channeling the spirit of classic beat-em-up series Streets of Rage, using Tomb-Raider esque blocky fighters and using a fighting system that nowadays seems as clunky and as retro as it probably gets, Eidos’ Fighting Force is still one of the titles I remember most fondly from my days of owning the original grey Playstation.

It’s a game I would routinely go and rent every so often but never end up buying, stealing those few precious days I would get with the game and inviting my friends around for some co-operative action beating up criminals, smacking them around the head with metal pipes and generally trying to battle through a rather incredibly difficult game.

I really wish I actually owned this title and still had it lingering somewhere in my bedroom, but alas Fighting Force is one of those titles I never got to put in my giant red box of retro-gaming titles and accessories. Again it’s probably a series that had its fans, but it never really took off in a big way.

No nonsense, non-sensical beat-em-ups FTW I say.

Mickey Mouse’s Castle of Illusion/World of Illusion and Mickey Mania

[youtube id=”1dKBFGt93qU” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Travel back even further now with me as we leave the realm of the Playstation and journey into the long ago world of the Sega Megadrive (Genesis if you’re outside of Europe), back into the era where Disney games basically were as epic as epic could possibly be. Mickey Mouse games on the system were generally nothing sort of exceptional, and I still remember the deep joy of both of these titles as well as the incredible difficult of beating both of them in one sitting.

That’s right kids. Once upon a time, there wasn’t such a thing as save points.

So it was that Mickey Mouse’s adventures on the Megadrive system, as hard as they were, were also a fantastic journey through colourful levels filled with Disney’s unique art style, some classic platform gaming and – in the case of Mickey Mania – an adventure through Mickey Mouse’s past. If you’re yet to experience any of these classic gaming gems, get your backside in gear, get out there and find yourself some retro goodness.

 Wild 9

[youtube id=”ltmnDKuqom0″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

You’ve got to love a unique weapon, right? When Wild 9 came along allowing you to use a mysterious tractor beam known only as the RIG, a surprisingly decent title sprang from the ideas of a tractor beam and created this beautiful 2d platformer/shooter that allowed you to kill your enemies in a massive amount of interesting ways. The best part? It even awarded you torture points for being more inventive.

The game originally came out on the Playstation 1, and to this day I still consider it a classic that can be broke out in times of dire need when all you need out of a game is to pick up a robot by his head and decapitate him with an industrial strength fan.

 Croc – Legend of the Gobbos

[youtube id=”V06MzoDrSxk” width=”600″ height=”350″]

While Crash Bandicoot was off gallivanting around the good ship Sony, being all mascot-y and being the face of the console, another platform character threw his trademark KERSPLAT into the fray and delivered a lengthy, interesting and fun game that – I have to admit – is a secret pleasure of mine.

See Croc was the very first game I ever got for the Playstation, and I spent the rest of that day and probably the resulting weeks staring into the screen until my eyes bled and my life’s goal was to collect coloured crystals and rescue little fluffy things from boxes. This dream is yet to be realized.

Croc was a platformer and challenged you as Croc to rescue strange creatures known as Gobbos from the evil Baron Dante. In order to do so you were tasked with navigating a selection of staple platformer worlds including the ever-popular ice world and of course the bog-standard green ‘welcome to the game’ world.  It was fun, exceptionally challenging for a youngster and I still will dig out the title in times of dire need in order to satisfy my gaming needs.

These are just a mere example of some of my favourite classic titles, but I fear I’ll bore you into submission if I list every single one of them throughout my long and storied gaming career which has seen many, many games make their mark on my life.

Why not join in the fun though and tell us exactly what your favourite totally underappreciated titles are? Get commenting MT’ers!

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