Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Already Announced

Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Already Announced

Final Fantasy XIII-2 has barely even had time to set up shop and Square-Enix is already announcing DLC!

Released today, Final Fantasy XIII-2 is only the second game in the entire history of the franchise to get a true and proper sequel. Compared to its predecessor, FFXIII-2 has been receiving generally favorable reviews so far from critics and players alike. But even before most of you have had the chance to embark on this sure to be 100+ hour adventure, Square-Enix is already wanting to add more content.


Square announced today that extensive DLC is planned for FFXIII-2. The first DLC pack, title ‘Lighting and Master Sergeant Armodar’, will be available on February 7th and ├é┬áinclude a series of Coliseum Battles where the player will face off against foes from previous Final Fantasy titles who, when defeated, will be able to join the player’s party.

Additionally, future DLC packs will offer an expansion of the game’s narrative with storyline branches for key characters. More details on those will be revealed at a later date.

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