Call of Duty Losing Favor in the UK

Call of Duty Losing Favor in the UK

Despite obvious critical acclaim and a staggering amount of units moved over the holidays, the Call of Duty franchise is in fact experiencing a massive down turn in sales in at least one territory.

After reporting a whopping $483 million in worldwide sales within the first 48 hours, Modern Warfare 3 seemingly blasted the pants directly off 2010’s smash hit Black Ops, which only managed to rake in$360 million between North America and the UK within the first 24 hours. Everyone just accepted the fact that Modern Warfare 3 was the best thing since canned ham and that the success was entirely universal.  But that may in fact not be the case.

A new Call of Duty title can generally be expected to drop just before the holiday season, right when everyone’s pocketbook is all greased up and ready to dispense some cash. However, people in the UK weren’t as willing to fork over their hard earned pounds on Modern Warfare 3 as they were on Black Ops. Black Ops managed to sell 3,266,298 units between launch day and the end of the year, while Modern Warfare 3 only managed to moved a dismal (in comparison) 2,814,298 units in the same amount of time.

Now that doesn’t mean that modern Warfare 3 was a complete failure by any stretch of the imagination as it was only bested by Adele for highest grossing entertainment products in the UK. Not to shabby.

However, a drop of nearly half a million units is nothing to turn your a blind eye to, so that only begs the question. Are the good people of England getting wise to the series and beginning to see the light or were they all just too swallowed up in Skyrim to notice another Call of Duty title came and went? You be the judge.

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