BF3 Devs Looking to Hire the Opposite of a Cheater

BF3 Devs Looking to Hire the Opposite of a Cheater

Does the mere thought of cheating make you want to spit? Do you curse at anyone who even remotely thinks of doing such a heinous thing? Can you program the crap out of computers? DICE may have a job for you.

DICE is about fed up with all the malarkey that has become common place on the BF3 PC servers as of late, particularly the hacking that led to a slew of innocent bannings in response to the new Punkbuster software. As a result, a job has been created to specifically address the problem.

The recent posting for an Anti Cheat Administrator reads:

“In our continued effort to keep our games free from cheating, we are now looking for an Internet savvy administrator.

The administrator will compose an absolutely vital function to secure the online experience our games represent by actively be a part of the community and keep up to date with the current cheat exposure. The administrator will also own the analytical work with our player behavior data to keep our leaderboards and game play filled with fair play.”

Basically, you get to be the giant eye in the sky yelling at people when you feel they are getting a tad unruly. Oh, and you have to move to Sweden.

Via: CVG

Source: DICE

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