Before there was Arkham, There Was Gotham by Gaslight

Before there was Arkham, There Was Gotham by Gaslight

What would happen if Batman was to meet Bioshock and create a resulting game out of it? Well: this.

These images showcase the long cancelled Batman game ‘Gotham by Gaslight’, a steam punk inspired adventure that would see our Bats in a very different style than the one we know and love in the Arkham series of games.

The title was originally to be pitched to THQ and was revealed this week by visual artist Julie Farell, who posted the images to her personal bio page.  The game was meant to be based upon on the alternate-reality graphic novel Gotham by Gaslight and Farell was said to be really excited about making it.  She says on her site:

This was a game I was really looking forward to working on. Unfortunately it was just a pitch. I had a blast creating the menus for this game, as steampunk is really quite unique, interesting and something I love to design. I created the bat logo from scratch and used a variety of different clockwork pieces and other metal pieces to construct it.

Unfortunately this steamy version of Batman’s adventures never saw the light of day, but there are some images to ogle at to your heart’s content.

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