Trine 2 Storms the Castle December 7th

Trine 2 Storms the Castle December 7th

The sequel to one of the most uniquely engaging platform titles I’ve ever played is sneaking onto the market this week, adding yet another title to the already unnecessarily large pile of games I need to play.

If you haven’t played the original Trine game yet, I implore you to drop what you are doing and go do so. There have been numerous occasions to get the game for next to free on the PC via the Indie Humble Bundles that have been popping up from time to time while the PSN/XBLA version is equally as good too – not to mention cheap.

Frozenbyte has been hard at work expanding the physics-based storybook fantasy adventures of the Knight, Wizard, and Rogue from the first game while finding ways to improve upon an already stellar formula. If not, in this case, more of the same really isn’t a bad thing!

Hitting the market on three different systems at three different times, Trine 2 will be available for PC and Mac via Steam starting December 7th followed by a PSN launch on December 20th and Xbox Live Arcade on the December 21st. European dates are still pending, but Frozenbyte is hoping the release will not be far behind, if delayed at all.


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