Square Enix’s Mystery New Titles

Square Enix’s Mystery New Titles

Square Enix are hard at work at a couple of new things. The question is: just what on earth are they?

The first is a new game dubbed as a brand new action RPG from Square Enix, which (judging by that picture you can see above) involves owls, big swords, nifty hats and a spooky castle. That’s about all we know about the title apart from it has allegedly been in planning for 2 years and will utilize the widely popular Unreal 3 engine as the backdrop for the game.

You may remember Square’s last effort to use the Unreal Engine in the form of The Last Remnant which, while a playable game, was a bit of mess if I’m honest. Let us hope that this new title, whatever it may be, will have a much better implementation of the engine than Remnant did. The game itself is confirmed to├é┬ádefinitely not be a new Final Fantasy, nor is it a Dragon Quest title.

In addition, new reports from AndriaSang also claim that Square Enix is actually working on another RPG as well. This one is rumoured to be a PS3 and Vita exclusive, and is being developed by the team behind Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts.

Interestingly enough, this new title was revealed by a job listing for the game, where it says that:

  • Hardware is Vita and PS3
  • Genre is Action RPG
  • Development Engine isUnity

Since this game is being developed on the Unity engine, it seems that it will be separate from the title mentioned earlier. The same post also mentions that the job listing requires work related to character growth, including job properties, growth and customization systems. In addition it also wants 3D animators who can make airships over a world map, gameplay inside an air ship, including inns and customization. Now I don’t know about you, but that sounds distinctly Final Fantasy to me. Could be wrong though.

Please be the Final Fantasy 7 remake…

What do you think Square’s up to behind closed doors MT? Perhaps Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming at last? Let us know down below.

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