A Special Psychonauts Holiday Deal

A Special Psychonauts Holiday Deal

Perhaps one of the most innovative and creative platformers of the past generation went largely overlooked in its time, but now you can give it the love it deserves thanks to a special holiday deal.

In case you haven’t heard of it, much less played it, Psychonauts comes from the twisted mind of Tim Schafer – who I consider to be the Tim Burton of video games. This title single-handedlychanged the way I looked at platforming games as a whole and showed me just how humorous and inventive they could be.

Don your tinfoil hat and get ready to traipse through some of the most mind bending summer camp levels filled with an insane milkmen, a homicidal Napoleon, and more emotional baggage than I have time to unpack. Psychonauts truly is one of those titles that deserves to be played by everyone at least once simply for the experience. Why it hasn’t been given the HD treatment yet is beyond me, but thanks to a special holiday offer you can score a copy of the PC version for the measly sum of $4.99 over at GOG.com.

So shake out your pockets, over turn the couch, hit up the cat, or do whatever you need to do to scrounge up five bucks because this deal only runs until January 2nd.

Psychonauts – $4.99 www.GOG.com


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