OnLive Comes To Mobile Devices, Touch Enabled L.A. Noire From Rockstar

OnLive Comes To Mobile Devices, Touch Enabled L.A. Noire From Rockstar

The relatively new gaming service Onlive, which operates via the Cloud, has released a new app for Android and iOS users to stream playable PC games to various smartphones, tablets, and the like.

In an effort to help further distinguish itself as an alternate choice to consoles, OnLive will be/ have already begun rolling out their game-streaming service for mobile devices supporting Android and iOS. This means that you can take your favorite games you’ve already bought on Onlive, and bring them with you wherever you go (and have Wi-Fi or network availability).

Taking this news even further, Onlive also has a new controller coming soon priced at $49.99 / £39.99 which will work with portable devices and is designed to work with more complex games that have been released already. CEO Steve Perlman has this to say:

“The new controller works with tablets and phones, but it will also work with new TV interfaces and Blu-ray players that are coming out….It’s been approved for the UK. It sounds ridiculous but we’ve run into demand [problems] just from developers getting these…”

“With Virtual Pad interfaces we usually do it ourselves and see that we can take some of the buttons and map them onto the screen with a translucent overlay. We can do that for some, but some games have so many buttons in use so that would be like putting a piano keyboard on screen.”

Regarding Rockstar’s control redesign for L.A. Noire for this service.

“Rockstar said it wanted to do something really special for tablets and the interface is completely new. It’s context sensitive, players can reach in and flip a gun over with their fingers to see the serial number. They’ve made it very specific. It’s a native touch interface.”

So this means that all of you tablet clingers out there can examine ladies panties and dead naked broads with the touch of your finger……

Personally, this news sounds pretty appealing…provided it works as well as I’m sure they hope it does. The new controller working with mobile devices is definitely a plus, as I can imagine a touch pad interface would prove to be frustrating to use with more complex games. One of my main concerns is with connectivity and signal strength when attempting to play such games; and whether not it all actually works. On this front however, Onlive is partnering with service providers such as ATT & Version’s 4G LTE for full HD-resolution, low latency gaming.

The Onlive app is free for both Android and iOS users and apparently comes with a free copy of LEGO Batman when downloaded (free games are always nice). I myself will give this a go as soon as I find out if my mobile device is supported for their service. Feel free to go ahead and try it for yourselves and let us know if it’s worth the bother.

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