Yoshi’s Island Finds its Way Out of the Nintendo Vault

Yoshi’s Island Finds its Way Out of the Nintendo Vault

Nintendo sure took its sweet time releasing the games that everyone wanted to play, but the wait is over for what may be considered one  of the most exciting adventures in the Mario arsenal.

Yoshi’s Island has finally fought and clawed its way out of the despairing pit known as the Nintendo Vault and, for those who happen to be members of Nintendo’s elite 3DS Ambassador Club, landed on the market at the staggering price of ‘free.’ Much like the dreaded Disney Vault, Nintendo has always been the over protective parent who is a tad reluctant to let some of the more popular titles go without a fight. Thankfully we can stop complaining and get back to playing as Nintendo has finally caved.

It’s important to note, however, that the version of the Yoshi’s Island finding the light of day is in fact not the original SNES version that we all came to love so many years ago. Rather, Nintendo has deemed it appropriate that we be treated to the GBA port of the title known as Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi’s Island.

Thankfully, the GBA port was far from disappointing and at this point in the game, anything is better than nothing.

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