Half Life 3 Logo Pops Up On Mysterious Website

Half Life 3 Logo Pops Up On Mysterious Website

A mysterious website seems to hint at Half Life 3. Well when I say hint, I mean it displays an absolute huge logo that says Half Life 3.

You know what guys, I swore to myself I wouldn’t write anything over Christmas, but couldn’t resist on this one. Yes, a website has inexplicably appeared from nowhere that seems to officially announce Half Life 3 to the series’ patiently waiting fan base – the only question is, is this the real thing, or a carefully orchestrated and very mean fake?

The website itself is black-aperture.com, and displays a logo for Half Life 3 (complete with registered trademark symbol) as well as listing Valve, Steam and the famous Source Engine that most of Valve’s games run on. There’s also lamba symbols floating around the screen, another staple of the Half Life series. The ‘Black Aperture’ tagline seems to be a reference to both Black Mesa (where the events of Half Life 1 took place) and also a reference to Portal’s Aperture Science, which is set inside the Half Life universe. Now I’m not saying it’s true, but wouldn’t it be awesome if GLaDOS popped up to wreak havoc with Gordon Freeman? If you look very, very closely in the background of the image, there is actually the Aperture Science logo present behind Half Life’s logo, and it is also referenced in the disclaimer at the website’s footer. Intriguing, no?

Now before you get all excited guys, this could be a very carefully constructed fake designed to simply get tongues wagging and show Valve that we all want a new Half Life game sometime soon. The main areas for concern is that clicking the website’s apparent Half Life 3 logo takes you straight to a website about Half Life 2’s The Orange Box which could be either a mega red-herring by Valve as they prepare a more significant update to the website, or instead could be a total joke on behalf of whoever made the site. The website itself is apparently owned by the following individual who apparently has no known affiliation with Valve:

Hassen, David
care of Network Solutions
PO Box 459
Drums, PA. US 18222

Again, this could be Valve playing mind games and making things harder for us by making up people. If it is, then that’s great, Half Life 3 is coming, and Episode 3 has been bypassed.  If not, this is one heck of a mean joke that got me more than a bit excited.

It is worth noting that a couple of months ago a Valve employee at a convention of some sort was actually spotted wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the very same symbol. Coincidence, or another set of games by Valve teasing the latest adventures of everyone’s favourite crowbar wearing-mute? We’ll just have to see.

In addition, another website has since come to my attention. Another website, which again shows a logo that seems to be affiliated with the Half Life universe, is named http://atramental-plateau.com/. If you highlight just below the logo, the text….get ready for this…E3 2012 is visible! Again, could be a hoax.

I’ve reached out to Valve to gain clarification on whether the websites are real or not.

Anyway, Merry Christmas everyone! Here’s to a 2012 with a (hopeful) announcement of Half Life 3!


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