A Holiday Gift From Rocksteady

A Holiday Gift From Rocksteady

Need another reason to play Batman: Arkham City? Probably not – it’s great. But if you do, here’s a holiday incentive courtesy of Rocksteady.

Speaking on the official forums of the game, Sefton Hill, director of Arkham City, posted a message telling players that Rocksteady is to give out a free extra skin for the Dark Knight to wear as well as releasing the code for using any skins you’ve got whenever you so desire.

“We have had an amazing release of Batman: Arkham City and we wanted to thank you all for your incredible support before, during and after the game’s release. As a token to our appreciation, we’ll be offering a brand new, totally super sweet, Batman Inc. Batsuit skin absolutely free! You will be able to download the skin tomorrow from Xbox Live Marketplace, PlayStation Network and Games for Windows Marketplace. We’ll be sure to let everyone know exactly when the skin are available.”

The cheat code promised with the exclusive skin allows players to use any skin without having to actually complete the game first, essentially meaning you can swap your bat-attires on the fly.

“We also know you want to deliver justice on the streets of Gotham as Batman in your favorite skin, any time and all the time,” Hill wrote. “So using the below cheat, you can select any alternative Batman skin and play them in the main game, without having to complete the full game.”

The code is executed by highlighting a save file and inputting the following sequence:

Left, Left, Down, Down, Left, Left, Right, Up, Up, Down

If you’ve done it right you’ll hear a noise and the option to change your costume will appear after booting the game up.

“Thank you again for your amazing support,” Hill concludes, “and have a great holiday!”

Still think a bat-santa-suit might have been more fitting, personally.


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