Another Fuzzy Image From The Creators of Modern Warfare

Another Fuzzy Image From The Creators of Modern Warfare

Remember way back in January when old Infinity Ward heads West and Zampella started their new studio, Respawn, and released a blurry image said to come from the new game they were working on? We’ll it’s almost a year later and we finally have… another one?

The scene is late 2010. Vincent West and Jason Zampella have left Infinity Ward because of legal complications and decide to team up, along with other former Infinity Ward staff, and create a brand new studio. Respawn Entertainment is born.  A few months pass, the calendar rolls over to 2011 and suddenly the directors Respawn Entertainment burst out of their office (which at the time presumably had blacked-out windows and two-by-fours nailed across the doors), caught their breaths and gave us this image.

A bit underwhelming to say the least.

And now, almost a full year later, Respawn is finally offering something that will not only put their upcoming new game into the forefront of gamer’s hearts and minds but will make us all feel foolish for not realizing that what they first released wasn’t a blurry picture at all but something… more.

I present to you Respawn Entertainment’s latest press release on their upcoming mystery title.

If you happen to be one of the people yourself “But that’s just another blurry and essentially useless image. It doesn’t tell me anything about the setting, characters, genre or plot of the game and doesn’t even really give me anything to get excited about other than the fact that someone at Respawn knows how to use the blur filter in Photoshop.” then at least you know that you’re not alone. I’m right there with you.

Source: Respawn Entertainment Offical Site

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