Frank West Off To The Beach For Dead Rising 3?

Frank West Off To The Beach For Dead Rising 3?

Frank West may be donning his speedos and heading for tropical climates in his next adventure. Perhaps he’s off to visit the Dead Island?

The star of Dead Rising 1 and Dead Rising: Off the Record has set tongues wagging today about a potential new instalment in the Dead Rising franchise after ‘he’ posted a status update to the official Dead Rising page on Facebook. The update reads as follows:

‘I’m getting packing for my new adventure – camera, notebook and baseball bat. What else would i need for a break in paradise? – Frank’

Intriguing stuff from the folks over at Capcom – perhaps this may turn out to just be DLC for Off the Record, or it could be that an announcement about Dead Rising 3 could be upon us very shortly.  If so, it seems almost as if Dead Rising 3 may step away from the mall environments we’re used to and delve into a tropical setting. Where have I heard that before…I’m sure there was another game this year set on a tropical island. With dead things….

Of course, it could be also Capcom poking fun at Dead Island, which is probably going to be a big competitor to the Dead Rising franchise going forward as there’s already plans for a movie and probably a sequel already in the works.

If we hear anything more about this, we’ll be sure to report it.


As I promised, fresh new information about Dead Rising 3 may have surfaced today, and here I am to report it to you.

Despite yesterday’s claims that Frank would be off to tropical climes on Facebook, Siliconera is now reporting that Dead Rising 3 will be set in a fictional town based in California, known as Los Perdidos.  As per usual, zombies have overrun the immediate area and as a result the town is put under a complete lockdown and martial law, with an impending threat of bomb attack that will wipe out everything in the area looming over the survivors heads. It sounds relatively believable, as this would set up the traditional 72 hour race us Dead Rising veterans are used to.

Also reported is that Frank West, once again, will not be the main playable character, and neither will Chuck Greene. Instead we’re now apparently going to be playing as Rick (subtle Walking Dead nod?) who is a mechanic by trade who finds himself amidst a zombie outbreak.  Apparently Mr Rick is trying his very best to repair a plane and escape the area, which is said to be an important plot point in the game.

Incidentally, Rick is said to look like this:

The story is also apparently centred around the idea of illegal groups of infected people, who aren’t registered on government rosters (the sneaky devils!). Phenotrans, the company that makes the zombie-plague-reducing Zombrex (which you’ll probably remember from DR2) is also said to play a big part in the proceedings.  As usual, you can also expect some crazy survivors, including a biker gang member who drives a ‘roller hog’.

Please note these are just rumours, as Siliconera has cited an un-named source. They do seem pretty legit though; be sure to let us know in the comments what you think about them.


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