FFXIII-2 Gets new Game Plus and Other Bonuses

FFXIII-2 Gets new Game Plus and Other Bonuses

Final Fantasy games aren’t typically ones you immediately play through again upon completion, but Final Fantasy XIII-2 is going to encourage exactly that, with added bonuses.

Final Fantasy XIII may not be everyone’s first choice for a sequel and that may be due in part to the massive linearity of the game. Fortunately, in an attempt to break up the potential monotony, the game will be divided into episodes that clock in at around three hours each. Each episode will feature more exploration elements along with increased environment interaction to further break way from the linearity. So, if you failed to complete FF13, like so many I know did, you should know that a present awaits you at the end of FF13-2… the option to start over again.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is going to feature a New Game Plus mode where you will be met with exclusive unlockable items and monster decorations. No word on whether or not your experience, levels, and gear will carry over with you, but it seems highly unlikely.

Also, if you still have your Final Fantasy XIII game save floating around somewhere on your hard drive you will be given additional monster decorations on top of an increased chance of success at the game’s special gambling arena.

So if you were put off by the linearity of FFXIII, know that its sequel is attempting to change that and actually reward you for making it to the end.

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