Dragon Age 3 Going Open-World?

Dragon Age 3 Going Open-World?

Here at Manatank, we all love ourselves some Skyrim. So, apparently, does Bioware, with the gaming giant going on record saying they are paying close attention to Skyrim’s open world environments as they prepare Dragon Age 3.

According to Bioware head Ray Muzyka, the studio has been paying close attention to what other fantasy RPG’s have been doing right and wrong for the past year and taking inspiration from those titles. Particularly in the spotlight is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which Bioware is said to be watching very closely.

“[The next Dragon Age] is going to have the best of features from the prior Dragon Age games, but it’s also going to have a lot of things I think players are going to find compelling from some of the games that are out now that are doing really well with more of an open-world feel,” Muzyka said to Wired.

“We’re checking [Skyrim] out aggressively,” he continued. “We like it. We’re big admirers of [Bethesda] and the product. We think we can do some wonderful things.”

Dragon Age 3 currently has not been officially announced, but I for one am happy that Bioware is considering taking the game more open-world as the confined areas and excessive loading screens of Dragon Age 2 left me with a very bitter taste in my mouth. Let’s just not have repeated dungeons and more to explore this time around, ok Bioware?

Also, add in a FUS-RO-DA just for good measure. More games need it.


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