What’s the Most Difficult Title You’ve Ever Played?

What’s the Most Difficult Title You’ve Ever Played?

You know, long before the Batman Arkham series was but a glint in the eye of Rocksteady, there were other Batman titles and one in particular stays in my memory. It was tres difficile.

First of all, I’d like to take the opportunity within the confines of this, my humble blog, to thank all supporters of Manatank, to wish you all the very best holiday season ever and I hope you all get a ridiculous amount of gaming goodies.

Back to the topic at hand though. The Batman game I referenced above is none other than the Batman: Returns game which came out for the Sega Megadrive (which is the English name for Genesis, if you’re American). Not to be confused with the SNES port of the game which is a beat-em-up side-scroller in the style of Streets of Rage, Batman Returns for the Genesis almost makes Dark Souls look like a walk in the park.

Relentlessly difficult, almost nigh-on-impossible to beat without cheating, this Batman title is one I slaved away at in my youth, battling the Penguin and his unfairly placed minions with ridiculously strong attacks. It was both a source of frustration and immense challenge that probably is one of the reasons I developed a severe obsession with beating a title when it’s throwing difficult things at me.

The reason I’m talking about this title is the fact that I recently found it gathering dust in a long forgotten box and played it once more. Surely it won’t be as hard as I remember? I thought to myself, I’m a grown up now, I can handle it. I was wrong guys. Very wrong. Batman Returns has ripped me apart and forced me to die so many times I’ve probably won this year’s repetitive resurrection award.

It’s a title that will always stay with me, even though it was allegedly relentlessly criticized by the gaming press and had apparently terrible gameplay. Admittedly it is pretty bad, but it’s one of those games I played when I was a kid and will think is awesome no matter what anyone else says. The same mentality goes with the following movie, which is so bad, it’s just awesome:

This got me thinking though, and I’d like all of you who’s reading this to tell us all about which title you think is the most difficult you’ve ever played, and share your amusing frustration stories to go with it (if you have one). It’s all in the spirit of a bit of holiday cheer, so get commenting and tell me if you’ve got any titles that trump the difficulty of Batman Returns.


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