Annnnnnnd….. We’re Back

Annnnnnnd….. We’re Back

We know, we know. We’ve been slacking lately, but it wasn’t our fault! Honestly. Either way, we’re back and we’re faster than ever.

As you may be aware, ManaTank has been in the shop for some major upgrades over the course of the past week. Not only did we smother the site in handsome sauce by integrating a shiny new slider and auto-scaling background adverts, but we packed our bags and said “sayonara” to our snail of a server and made for greener pastures. We’ve been bouncing back and forth for about a week now testing out the limitations of the private server and have met with a few nasty site crashing bugs. Thankfully, those have been successfully ironed out and we are back on our feet.

Unfortunately, that left very little time for me and Dan look over writer applications. Sorry. That is in the works and people will be notified here in the coming week if chosen to continue the application process. If you haven’t applied yet, check out the Write for ManaTank page, put your writing pants and grammar spectacles on and get on it! Applications will only be accepted for a few more days.

In the mean time, enjoy the crack fueled site and please let us know if you encounter any lingering bugs.


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