Maybe the 3DS Isn’t Doing as Poorly as We Thought…

Maybe the 3DS Isn’t Doing as Poorly as We Thought…

Everyone and their mother knows the Nintendo DS was/is the hottest thing to hit the market since the wheel. But the DS’s successor, the 3DS, apparently failed to wow consumers as a whole over the course of the past several months… or so we thought.

I’ll be the first to admit that I fell into the skeptic crowd when the 3DS was announced and subsequently launched. The changes being made to the system didn’t really seem to be drastic enough to continue to push the brand forward and secure the top spot in the portable gaming world. Initial sales were rather lackluster and a surprising $80 price drop this past August gave the impression that Nintendo was desperate to move units. Typically, a  drastic price drop that early in a system’s life cycle is nothing short of a death sentence, but luckily for Nintendo numbers don’t lie.

The 3DS has managed to do something that few people ever saw coming: beat the original DS’ first year sales… and it did it in a staggering 8 months.

The original DS sold 2.37 million units in its first year, but according to Fils-Aime the 3DS just crushed that number this past Saturday

Reggie-Fils-Aime, Nintendo’s absurdly positive front man, broke this news in an interview with Time Magazine a few days back and seems even more positive about the future of the system everyone had all but written off.

To put things into perspective, the holiday season may be playing a huge roll in driving up 3DS sales, especially with Black Friday deals offering up bundles (in new colors) with games at hard to resist prices, but Nintendo seems to be the one company that refuses to give up.

Nintendo may have garnered a bit of a reputation as a secondary system for a lot of people next Microsoft and Sony’s powerhouse consoles, but for many, the system remains a safe haven of stellar first-party titles where one can return and feel right at home, even after an extended leave of absence.

Files-Aime went on to say that “great, compelling software drives hardware. As long as we continue to make great content, we’ll continue to have very strong performing handhelds.”

The man does have a point. Nobody can touch Nintendo’s reputation for first-party titles and their success rate. So with Super Mario 3D Land hot off the press and Mario Kart 7 dropping this Sunday, there’s no telling how hot the 3DS is going to be this holiday. Sony, the company thought to finally have a chance at besting the big N, certainly has its work cut out if the Vita hopes to make a dent in these numbers.


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