Xbox Live Scammers Steal Millions

Xbox Live Scammers Steal Millions

The Xbox has found itself relatively unscathed from hacking scandals, but the latest information reveals that criminals are getting their hands on personal information in very different, and effective, ways.

The Sun newspaper in the UK in what it calls a ‘crime exclusive’ today revealed that a group of online fraudsters are stealing upwards of around £100 worth of money from the credit cards of Xbox Live customers, with some reports stating that nearly £200 has been taken in some instances.

The scam attacks happen when members of the scamming group befriend Xbox Live users and goad them into surrendering information in return for Microsoft points by entering their details on a number of bogus websites. Since the report claims that the scammers have stolen ‘millions of pounds’ from Xbox Live customers, we would directly advise any parents reading this to secure their Xbox’s using parental controls, as well as being highly scrupulous with who you talk to/believe on Xbox Live.

There’s no way of telling how long this has been going on but it seems as if the criminals have went undetected for so long because they’ve been taking small amounts from accounts over periods of time, making them almost unnoticeable.

Microsoft is currently said to be ‘probing the cyber scam’. Again, be careful online and, for extra security, change your password.

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