Rumour Control – GTA V Release Date Has NOT Been Confirmed

Rumour Control – GTA V Release Date Has NOT Been Confirmed

Yesterday, the GTA V trailer took the internet entirely by storm. No doubt the trailer itself has been viewed millions of times, and now everyone’s delving into the trailer looking for secrets and hidden meanings that probably don’t exist.

Most prevalent across the web today are claims that the release date of the game has been confirmed by an image that shows ‘2405’ on the side of a kerb as a gentleman hammers home the for sale sign in what looks like Grove Street.

The belief is that this number references 24th of May 2012, and that suddenly it means that GTA V will be released on that day.

Now I hate to be a party pooper – but has anyone not realised this may well be entirely coincidental and that every kerb in San Andreas may be adorned with numbers such as these?  Rockstar may be well known for little easter eggs, but I advise anyone who’s read that this could be the release date to take it with a very large grain – nay, chunk – of salt. At best I would imagine this would be a day when we get more revealed about the game, as it really seems unlikely Rockstar would release a game as big as GTA V with only a few months of promotion behind it.

Also, if Rockstar wanted to include the release date in a trailer in the first place, why on earth wouldn’t they just put it on at the end in big shiny letters for us all to read instead of working secretly? Something just doesn’t add up here, and I think it is entirely coincidental.

I get it – everyone wants GTA V after seeing a stellar trailer, but I’ve just wrote this piece to ensure that you’re all aware that we may be looking too much into it. Only time will tell whether this number is important or whether it isn’t, but, for now, be sure to look upon anything claiming it is the release date with a speculative look.


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