A Real Life Dragonborn is – er… Born

A Real Life Dragonborn is – er… Born

In the bleak, pre-Skyrim world we used to live in, Bethesda put out an open challenge: Name a child born on 11.11.11 Dovahkiin and get free Bethesda games for life.  Challange accepted, Bethesda.

Personally I don’t think Dovahkiin is that strange of a name, and apparently neither do Megan and Eric Kellermeyer as they have just bestowed the name on their newborn son. Megan ran us through her thought process on the couple’s web comic site saying:

“My husband didn’t know of the contest to start with. We conceived long before hearing of it. But it’s been a tough year and I wanted to do something special for my son. My daughter has a unique name. I wanted him to have a unique name as well. I am so picky about boy names that I was having a lot of trouble finding just the right one. We’ve toyed with Dovahkiin and the ramifications of naming a child that name, and that name being based on a video game character (however awesome), and what impact that would have on him. But the more I thought of it, the more I settled on Dovahkiin, contest or no. It helps that we told all our friends and family and very few are opposed to the idea. My mom thought it was neat! He will have a perfectly normal and common middle name if the first name becomes too much for him or us or we just want to call him a nickname.”

Here’s hoping little Dovahkiin grows into a gamer and can appreciate the free Bethesda games for life and that his parents idea of a “common” middle name isn’t Moonbeam.

Source: Bethesda Blog

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