Prototype 2: Welcome to New York Zero Trailer

Prototype 2: Welcome to New York Zero Trailer

The first Prototype was surprisingly good, but sort of flew under the radar thanks to InFAMOUS coming out at the same time. The sequel hopes to rectify this.

In Prototype 2, the mysterious Blacklight virus has pretty much all but destroyed New York, forcing it to be renamed New York Zero and be filled with infected individuals. Alex Mercer, protagonist of the first game, is now a major villain and it is up to you, as Sergeant James Heller, to smash his face in using your shiny new super-powers acquired by being infected by Mercer himself.

In this trailer, the game’s developers talk you through the inspirations behind New York Zero (NYZ), which is the playground you’ll be leaping around in Prototype 2.

[youtube id=”ueB7izOIBOA” width=”600″ height=”400″]

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