Don’t Panic! PSN is Down for Maintenance

Don’t Panic! PSN is Down for Maintenance

If you are frantically mashing the sign in button on your XMB you best give it a rest because it’s not going to work for the duration of today… and Sony knows it.

For the duration of today, November 17th, the Playstation network will be down for scheduled maintenance. Starting at roughly 8am PST and lasting until about 10pm PST you will be entirely unable to access your PlayStation Network account management, Account registration, and the PlayStation store via either the PS3 or the PSN. The maintenance also affects signing in to the PSN via

Thankfully you are probably too far involved with Skyrim to even notice, but if you’re of the MW3 of BF3 variety then you may have reason for frustration as this is a rather strangely timed maintenance.

So load up a single player game and get yourself some trophies as they will still update once the network is back up and running.

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