Modern Warfare 3 Grievances: Users Aren’t Happy

Modern Warfare 3 Grievances: Users Aren’t Happy

Despite getting generally favourable reviews from a number of media outlets, many gamers are letting their voices heard about their dissatisfaction with MW3. They’re not a happy bunch.

Although it currently holds a ranking of 90 based on media reviews at review collector Metacritic, an astonishing ratings by over 1000 users has slapped the game with an exceptionally low 2.6 rating, described by Metacritic as being ‘generally unfavourable’.

A lot of users are even slapping the game with scores of 0, citing reasons such as a lackluster campaign, multiplayer that doesn’t innovate and even going so far as to say the game is actually just Modern Warfare 2 with a few new bells and whistles. It seems that, despite the hype, a lot of die-hard COD fans are really starting to question how long they can play the same game year in, year out.

Despite these apparent flaws, there’s no doubt in my mind that Mw3 will shift more copies than is seemingly possible. People have been buying them from game stores across the world constantly for the past day and have already forgot what sunlight looks like after playing the multiplayer.

Manatank’s full review of Modern Warfare 3 is coming soon – I need a little bit more time to get fully to grips with the game before I make my final judgement, but keep it locked on MT for my thoughts later this week.

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