Leaked Modern Warfare 3 Copy Sold for $1725!

Leaked Modern Warfare 3 Copy Sold for $1725!

As is becoming the norm, somehow, somewhere, someone manages to get their hands on a copy of a game before release and it ends up circulating the web. Naturally this has also happened with MW3, which has just sold for an absolute bomb on Ebay.

The leak came after Kmart, in what can only be described as a severe facepalm of epic proportions,├é┬áreceived early shipments of Modern Warfare 3 and obeyed the instructions that came with the games to put them ‘out immediately’.

Naturally eager K-Mart shoppers manage to bag a few copies before the massive error was noticed, and the copies have been since revoked. That means that out, there right now, there’s a select few people with copies of Modern Warfare 3 ahead of time (find and hunt them down COD fanatics!).

Most intriguing about the story, however, is that one of the copies recently turned up on Ebay, and someone has actually decided that they want to spend $1725 dollars on a copy of Modern Warfare 3, even though it comes out in just four days after I wrote this sentence.

As Kotaku rightly says, its exceptionally ironic that the predicted shipping of the item is actually four days, meaning the purchaser simply could of waited four days and got the game with a rather significant price drop compared to what he/she just paid for it.

Just goes to show the lengths some people will go for COD. Personally, I’d only go to the local fishshop for COD, and I wouldn’t end up paying the ludicrous amount this Ebay user just did. I hope they enjoy the game though, and I really hope it’s worth paying nearly 1800 dollars for.

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