Happy Birthday Master Chief and Xbox!

Happy Birthday Master Chief and Xbox!

Today marks the 10th anniversary of both the Xbox brand and everyone’s favourite armour-plated super soldier.

That’s right everyone, quite hard to believe isn’t it? Makes me feel distinctly old to think that the original Xbox console came out ten years ago to the day, spawning forth the turning point for online-based shooters in the form of Halo.

Microsoft’s Xbox was a gutsy move at the time that could of sunk dramatically had it not worked – it marked the first time the computing giant had entered the console market, and they came steaming in with a lot of promise and a stellar launch title in the form of Halo: Combat Evolved.

Naturally this all paid off for Microsoft, who, ten years on, are celebrating selling millions of Xbox 360 consoles, revelling in the thrill of Kinect selling loads of units and enjoying the millions of users who purchase Xbox Live every year. They could have had a worse decade.

Let us not neglect a mention of Master Chief as well, who also was seen for the first time on Xbox launch day. Coincidentally, the Chief’s first adventure has also been remastered and released today, so those who never played the first Halo game (or want to play it again with shiny new graphics) can now get their hands on the Chief’s first adventure.

So charge your glasses ladies and gents, to Microsoft and their ten years of success. Unless you’re a diehard PS3 fan.


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