Globe-Trotting Undead: Dead Island Sequel Trademarked?

Globe-Trotting Undead: Dead Island Sequel Trademarked?

A potential sequel to this year’s zombie-smasher Dead Island may have appeared, at least according to recent trademarks made by Techland, the game’s publisher.

The patent was made on October 28th and covers a ‘wide range of digital media’ for something named Dead World. Now before you get all excited in the hopes that this may be the sequel to Dead Island and it will have an even more massive area than ever before, it is also more than possible that Dead World could refer to the Dead Island inspired movie which is said to be in the works.

Dead Island was a reasonable hit for Techland earlier this year, as massive hype created by a rather good trailer and lots of promises resulted in a game that was nothing like what we expected but still reasonably fun. It wasn’t without its flaws though, and I hope this ‘Dead World’ will ensure that Techland addresses what was wrong with the first game.

If it is for the game, it’ll be interesting to see exactly how ‘Dead World’ can be shown. It seems like a significant step up from Dead Island, so lets wait and see where Techland takes this (if, indeed, they do at all).


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