Next Generation Xbox In Developer Hands This December?

Next Generation Xbox In Developer Hands This December?

Everyone’s always looking to the future. With Wii U looming on the horizon like well….a big tablet thing, everyone’s wondering what Sony and Microsoft are up to and whether they’re launching new consoles as well next year and, maybe they are.

A report from Edge magazine (generally regarded as a high-brow, top-end gaming magazine here in the UK) is claiming that, through an un-named source, they have found out that Microsoft is planning to release development kits of the next-next generation Xbox (whatever it may be) to developers as early as this December.

The article in question also claims that the development teams, including such big names as Ubisoft Montreal, are already working on what are known as ‘target boxes’, designed to run with the specifications of Microsoft’s new console. These target boxes are soon to be replaced with the real development kits, adding fuel to the fire that Microsoft is gearing up to at least reveal their new console next year.

In addition, Edge is also claiming that Microsoft’s latest console will be powered by AMD, as “AMD is providing the bespoke GPU solution for Microsoft’s console”.

Reports such as this one should be taken with a grain of salt, but Edge is generally a reliable publication. Don’t get all excited just yet though, since developers are just getting their hands on a full development kit this Christmas, it may be some time before we see Microsoft’s next console see light of day. At a stretch it may release next holiday season, but even that seems like too close a time.

What do you think about these rumours? Is the fabled next-next generation Xbox just around the corner, ready to rival Wii-U? Will it be called Xbox-Me just to be pedantic? Are you more interested in what Sony’s up to? Let us know, right below, in the comments.

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