vVv-Gaming Sweeps Mario Speed Run

vVv-Gaming Sweeps Mario Speed Run

Here at Devastation we challenged gamers to dredge up long forgotten bits of nostalgic memory and put it to use. How fast can you complete Super Mario Bros. World 1? This guy did it in record time!

The tournament exploded into action when Adrian Jimenez, the second guy to step up the controller, threw down an incredible time of 2:04.8, which stood as the top time for almost 3 full hours. Plenty came dangerously close, but none came closer than Lee Brock from vVv-Gaming.com. He threw down immediately after Adrian and landed a time of 2:04.9. And from there it was on.

Players tested their mettle as they were given one set of 3 lives to clear all of world 1 and defeat Bowser. The slightest misstep was the different between winning and losing. Those who took the dangerous chances either failed miserably or secured a spot in the upper ranks.

A mere 15 minutes before the end of the tournament, the guys from vVv-Gaming.com returned. Lee had a score to settle. That tenth of a second was not sitting well with him and he threw down one more time. Off the bat things seemed to be going his way as he soared through each level in record time. Level 1-3, his nemesis, came and went without a problem and Bowser may as well not even have been at the castle. Lee’s final time… 2:04.2. Adrian looked on in disappointment, but opted out of defending his time. Lee took the title of Faster Mario Brothers World 1 Speed Runner and took home the cash prize.

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