Surprising Upset on Super Mario 3 Speed Run

Surprising Upset on Super Mario 3 Speed Run

Once again people flocked to the ManaTank booth to take on the ever popular speed run challenges we’ve been hosting. However, with these tournaments, nothing is guaranteed.

Just like the Mario Bros. 1 speed run from earlier in the convention, the second person to step up to the challenge threw down the fastest time and it remained that way for over 2 hours. Lee Brock from, the defending Mario Bros. 1 speed run challenge champion from, returned to defend his title as the fastest plumber in town, but just couldn’t shave off the 6 tenths of a second needed to secure first place.

As Lee stood by and contemplated his next attempt, a new competitor by the name of Cheyne jumped into the competition mere minutes before it ended. Initially, everyone simply wrote him off as a reckless competitor. Up to this point all the competitors had followed pretty much the same route, expressing caution at many of the same places. However, Cheyne threw caution to the wind and went for broke on his second attempt, blasting through the first level in under 18 seconds.

The rest of the run went by so fast that people were still talking about the level 1 as Cheyne put the finishing touches on the Koopa boss. His final time seemed like a statistical impossibility. The previous time of 1:33.3 seemed like an untouchable number and everyone who attempted to break it feel short by nearly a second. Cheyne, on the other hand, posted a devastating 126.3.

Lee decided that was entirely out of his reach and relinquished his title as fastest Mario speed runner around, at least for Mario 3.

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