Rolling the DICE: Battlefield 3 Beta Explanations

Rolling the DICE: Battlefield 3 Beta Explanations

As many may have noted, Battlefield 3’s beta isn’t without its fair share of problematic issues that cause bizarre things to happen ranging from no reload animations to actually falling through solid concrete. Never fear though – DICE is working on it.

Game Producer Patrick Liu recently sat down to talk to The Guardian about the game and had some interesting comments about the beta. He was particularly keen to express that a lot of people have misunderstood the term ‘beta testing’ and been slightly unfair with their criticism.  Take it away Patrick:

“Our primary intentions have been to test the backend,” Liu said, talking about the beta. “As we said at the beginning, we have six times the number of players we had with Bad Company 2, we have record high concurrent users compared to anything we’ve done before. And we know it works. In previous games, like Bad Company and 1943, we’ve had serious problems with the backend, it’s just been overloaded – this time it hasn’t been a problem.”

He continued: “We just wanted to know it wouldn’t crash and burn at launch. It was horrible with Battlefield 1943 – it sold ten times the numbers we thought it would, and it was down for three or four days which is really bad. We don’t want to go through that again.”

This basically means DICE has ran this beta as a means to test that the code of the game behind the scenes is running at peak condition.  While it’s easy to criticize the beta for its issues, you have to remember that a beta test is in no way representative of a videogame’s final build and I, for one, have faith in DICE’s ability to make sure the game is sorted out before the official launch. I imagine that the final build of the game will be a very different beast to the beta we’re all playing at the moment.

DICE, meanwhile, has also pledged to remain ever-vigilant about improving the game as well. “I think we’re over the peak, that’s for sure.” said Liu, referencing their attempts at improvement. “There’s a still a lot of work to do. And the launch is just the start really. We’ll then be releasing more content, tweaking and balancing the game – we have a team dedicated to servicing the game after launch.”

Source: The Guardian

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