RAGE Quit – Steam Frustrations

RAGE Quit – Steam Frustrations

Everyone loves a challenging game from time to time, but that challenge usually comes well after the game has been comfortably inserted into your system of choice and a few hours have passed.

The fall season of gaming officially began yesterday and it seems like everything is on the up and up for everyone. Well, almost everyone. The incredible people at Bethesda have graced me with a copy of Rage for a platform that I have always been a bit hesitant to use… Steam. My history with the digital distribution giant has been a bit rocky and subsequently caused me to avoid it entirely. However, after Team Fortress 2 dropped for free I began to see a glimmer of hope for the service and let go of some of my reservations. That was a bad idea.

Aside from a download and installation time that makes Metal Gear Solid 4 passing sneeze, RAGE absolutely refused to open via Steam. I let the game install overnight while I dreamt of waking up to a full day of Rage . I woke up to just that, but not exactly the kind of rage I was looking for. Countless hours of forum surfing and file digging later I am left with a game eating up 20+ gigs of hard drive space and no way to play it.

It seems as though I am far from the first person to notice any issues with the game. I quick job over to the forums will reveal almost 3,000 posts regarding the game, many regarding issues that occur after the game has launched. I whole-heartedly believe that the issue I am experiencing is entirely related to Steam and in no way reflects the performance of the game itself. Unfortunately, my review will have to wait until either Steam decides to find a cure for its acute case of rectal cranial inversion or I cave in a go buy it for the PS3.

Those of you have been playing, and hopefully loving, Rage, please sound off the in comments and try to help rebuild the anticipation I once had for this game. In the meantime, I think I’ll go die in Dark Souls again.

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