PS2 Returns to the PS3!

PS2 Returns to the PS3!

As many of you may have noticed, the PS Store has, until now been curiously devoid of PS2 games. This, thankfully, is to change with the introduction of Sony’s ‘Only On Playstation Network’ program, which starts this week.

It marks the first time Sony has offered PS2 classics that are not HD remakes via the Playstation Network and will also be bringing discounts and is promising to deliver some big games as well to sweeten the deal.

The incentive is also offering some new content for PS3 games as well as PSN classics and perhaps the biggest game to be offered via the new incentive is Infamous 2’s Festival of Blood DLC, which causes our surly anti-hero Cole McGrath to deal with an invasion of vampiric denizens. This game, along with PixelJunk SideScroller, will both be released on the PSN on October 25th.

Sony is also offering a ‘cashback’ incentive for those who spend excessively this month – if you spend over $60, they’ll give you $10 to spend in November.

What of these PS2 games though? Well, they’re not the best first line-up in history, but you can expect to see GodHand, GrimGrimoire, Ghosts To Glory, Odin Sphere and (in what I see as a sly dig at Xbox) a game entitled Ring of Red. These are due to come out tomorrow, October 4th and do not offer trophies and modern bells and tweaks – they’re simply the games in their original form. It does however spawn forth the hope that Sony will now be offering PS2 support on the PS3, which, as all slimline PS3 owners know, blatantly refuses to play anything from your PS2 collection.

The full calendar of exclusive games offered in the Only On Playstation Network is as follows:

    • October 4: Eufloria and a PS+ Rochard Discount


    • October 11: Sideway: New York


    • October 13: Sodium Collection for PlayStation Home


    • October 18: Okabu and RocketBirds


  • October 25: Infamous 2: Festival of Blood and PixelJunk SideScroller

So, excited for a PS2 revival on the PS3? You should be, there’s countless amounts of classic games that need to be replayed.

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