Playstation Vita Release Dates & UK Pricing Announced

Playstation Vita Release Dates & UK Pricing Announced

We all know Vita is coming to Japan this December, but the rest of the world has been waiting for Sony to release a concrete date for the rest of the world. Well, that wait is over.

Confirmed to IGN today by Sony themselves, the official release date of the Playstation Vita is to February 22nd 2012.  The release date covers the territories of North America, Australia, Latin America and Europe.

In addition to the announcement of the release date, Sony has also revealed how much the device will cost in the United Kingdom. You ready for this? Sitting comfortably? Try not to swoon too much, as the PS Vita will cost at a minimum of £229.99.

The £225 model of the Vita is wifi-enabled, but there’s also going to be yet another model that can use both 3G/Wifi, which will retail for a rather sizable £279.99.

So what do you think of the pricing and the release dates? Keen to snap one up straight away or not sold quite yet? Sign in to our commenting system below using your Twitter, Disqus or Facebook username and be sure to tell us exactly what you think!




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