Microsoft’s Dashboard Needs You!

Microsoft’s Dashboard Needs You!

We do love a good test of things before they come out nowadays don’t we? Whether it be BF3 beta’s, Uncharted 3’s multiplayer or simply Microsoft’s latest test, game companies are rapidly turning to the wider public as a means of testing things.

But what is Microsoft’s latest test? Well, it’s inviting you to sign up and test out the brand new Xbox 360 dashboard update which – while perhaps not as exciting as playing a brand new game – will allow you to experience Microsoft’s brand new dashboard ahead of everyone else.

A blog post from Microsoft’s spokesperson Major Nelson outlines some of the updates we can expect. First of all we can expect a ‘new design for integrated Kinect and controller navigation’ which will hopefully make the cumbersome Kinect commands a lot easier. In addition you’ll also get ‘new beacons to play online with friends’, ‘Deeper Facebook integration’ and also ‘New Cloud Storage for Game Saves and Xbox Live Profile’. Other, unannounced features (and apps) are said to be coming later in the testing.

How can you sign up for this update? Well, you can get yourself over, right now, to Microsoft’s Connect site, which will allow you to sign up for the test. Of course you may not get chosen to do it, but you can hope! You have to sign some pretty hefty disclaimers before doing so – it bans the media from reporting on any of the updates, so unfortunately I won’t be able to bring you any concrete information about it until Microsoft deems fit.


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