Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer May Be On The Way

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer May Be On The Way

Rumours are flying, people are arguing, and somewhere there’s a potential army of Commander Shepards waiting in the wings. Multiplayer for Mass Effect 3? It could well be a possibility.

You’ll want to take a look at this photo from a South African retailer before we continue:

Take a look, right at the bottom. ‘Online Multiplayer Pass’ is clearly visible, making many believe that Mass Effect 3 is indeed going to have a multiplayer component and that Bioware is keeping it under wraps.

Since Bioware has recently tweeted about revealing something big about ME3 in the next edition of magazine Xbox World, the gaming landscape is waggling their tongues wondering if this is indeed the iteration of the series where Commander Shepard and company will finally embrace multiplayer.

If true, it’s sure to be a decision that splits fans squarely down the middle. There’s fears that focusing on a multiplayer component for the game will detract from the single player experience, but on the other hand there’s loads of multiplayer fans out there who will potentially love a multiplayer suite in the Mass Effect universe.

Just as a side-note, Bioware has gone on record saying there wouldn’t be any multiplayer in ME3, but that could all be a big bag of lies/fear of repercussions from the Mass Effect universe backlashing if they didn’t like the multiplayer component. For now though, we’ll just have to speculate whether this is true or not – be sure to check back here on on October 25th when this ‘killer new feature’ is revealed in this month’s Xbox World magazine.

In the meantime, what do you think about ME3 multiplayer? Will it be endorsed by Commander Shepard or be as bad as Mordin’s singing? Tell us what you think in the comments, as we’d love to hear.

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