Mario Kart 64 Tournament Comes Down to the Wire

Mario Kart 64 Tournament Comes Down to the Wire

Long gone are the days of huddling around the same TV screen as your friends and hurling insults through the night. We here at ManaTank are trying to revive some of those memories… oh, and give out some prizes while we’re at it.

Our first Mario Kart Tournament saw a fair number of entries, but most of the attention came after it was already over. Thus, we felt it necessary to host another hour of retro gaming glory. 24 gamers entered, all vying for the grand prize: an XBLA copy of Child of Eden.

The single elimination brackets began to whittle down the competition, leaving only the best behind. Luis and Brendon, both competitors from the previous tournament, swept their respective Star Cup GP brackets and found themselves squaring off for the title of Mario Kart 64 Champion.

The finale came down to a single race on Rainbow Road and yes, the shortcut was fair game. Trading off first and second throughout the entire race, it seemed like anyone could take it… until the very last corner. Luis, who showed the world just how effective Donkey Kong can be, managed to squeeze a couple extra seconds ahead of Brendon, a Yoshi supporter, and cross the finish line mere seconds ahead of him.

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