Game Capture HD Introduces Affordable, PC-Free Recording

Game Capture HD Introduces Affordable, PC-Free Recording

A select few games have been kind enough to include a video capture setting, but we are still a long ways off from that being a standard inclusion on all games. So what’s the alternative if you want to catch that random moment or create the perfect video tutorial? An HD capture device.


The device is now available. Read our full review here.


We had the pleasure of sharing a booth this past weekend with AVerMedia, who was kind enough to let us play around with the upcoming Game Capture HD. In the past, HD video capturing had to be done via a PC and a powerful (not to mention expensive) capture card. Those who lacked the necessary computer specs and/or funding were left out in the cold while everyone else went on their merry way making videos from their favorite games.

AVerMedia is looking to change this and bring everyone into the HD capture community with the Game Capture HD.

Our time with the device was brief, but it was all we needed to learn everything there is to know about this little treat.

Excessive white aura not included.


The most notable aspect of this device is the complete lack of a PC. The Game Capture HD allows you to capture HD video almost anywhere in a matter of minutes. The device is quite small and is quite similar to a cable box in its design. You simply run the cables from your system to the back of the device and then run another set cables to the TV. Once hooked up, a single press of a button will have you capturing in no time. The time from setup to capturing was hardly longer than setting up the console itself. If you can hook up a video game system, you can use the Game Capture HD.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with HD capturing, video game consoles have HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) to prevent copying video and audio content through an HDMI connection. Therefore, the Game Capture HD features component pass-through (input/output) that supports 1080i and lets you record gameplay in HD while playing it on your TV. Anyone looking to use this device for older retro systems will have to use a composite to component cable to convert the signal. The Game Capture HD will come packaged with a universal component cable that accommodates the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii systems.

For you stat junkies out there, this device is capable of capturing full 1080i .AVI footage without experiencing delay. Using advanced HD H.264 hardware compression technology the footage is compressed more effectively, eliminating any quality loss. Playback is as near to real-time gaming as you’re going to get.

All files are stored on either the internal 2.5″SATA HDD (not included) or to an external USB 2.0 drive connected to the device. Both FAT32 and NTSF are supported.

An onboard file management system eliminates the need for PC browsing and organization as well. The user interface allows you to configure each recording or snapshot and organize them according to size, length, and quality as well as set the path for each.

When you are ready to transfer your goodies to the PC you can transfer any recorded files from the internal 2.5″ HDD to an external HDD or flash drive then to a PC. However, if you are capturing directly to an external USB HDD you simply have to plug that drive into your computer. USB to USB file transferring is not currently supported at this time.

[youtube id=”7hkGR9gMc6Y” width=”600″ height=”350″]

The Game Capture HD will be available by Mid November 2011 and will retail for $149.99. You can pre-order the device through Gaming Generations (Mid-West retail locations) as well as Other retail stores such as Fry’s Electronics and Tiger Direct/CompUSA will start carrying these by mid-November. More retail stores will be added before the end of the year. If you prefer to do your shopping from the comfort of your underpants you will be able to find it online at,, and around the time of launch.


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