Exclusive Battlefield 3 Vault Console Cases Announced

Exclusive Battlefield 3 Vault Console Cases Announced

You know you’ve always dreamed of strapping claymores and smoke grenades to your favourite console, right? If so, you’ll be delighted with the exclusive BF3 Vault Case that’s coming this October.

Made by Calibur 11, this new Vault casing is to available for the slimline versions of Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. It’s promising a whole lot including:

  • An exclusive orange light claymore with three modes (explosions not included).
  • A smoke grenade emblazoned with the DICE logo.
  • An exclusive BF3 pattern
  • Better airflow and stability for your favourite console
  • A nifty cradle for your controller or headset, which will stop your mother/spouse nagging you to remove it from the floor.

The new cases are to be released from the 27th October in Europe, retailing with an expected price £69.99. There’s also an optional customizable Battlefield 3 nameplate up for purchase, which will set you back a further £17.99. Check out the image below for a better look at the product and be sure to visit Calibur 11’s site for information on what retailers will be selling the cases.

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