Fight for Your Right… To Sue

Fight for Your Right… To Sue

If you, like millions of others, accepted Sony’s new Playstation Network Terms of Agreement or Orgin’s Terms of Agreement you may have unknowingly signed away any rights you had while using the service. Now you can reclaim those rights with a minimum of hassle.

Until recently the only way to retain your right of raising a class action lawsuit against either Playstation or EA would be to physically mail in a letter saying you want to retain that right. Now, thanks to Gamers Opt Out they can do it for you with literally zero hassle.

The process is as simple as going to the website, entering some information and hitting submit. They’ll print out the physical copy of the letter and mail it to either EA or Sony at no cost to you.

It’s worth remembering that the site is run on donations and it costs money to print and send all of these letters. So if you’re one of the people who decide they want to retain their rights maybe toss a few dollars their way as well.

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