Arkham City Not the End For Batman?

Arkham City Not the End For Batman?

While we’re all postively tingling with anticipation for Batman: Arkham City, developers Rocksteady are already looking to the future of the franchise. More Bats? We’ll take it.

In an interview with CVG, Dax Ginn of Rocksteady was quizzed about the future of what he affectionately names the ‘Arkham-verse’ of Batman, to which he had some interesting comments.

“Man. That’s really tough,” he said when asked how long Rocksteady could keep up these high standard Batman games we’ve come to expect. “I mean I think as long as we’re still enjoying it and as long as we feel we can contribute to the Batman universe… That’s how it feels. There’s some amazing stuff going on with Batman all around the world at the moment and we feel as though we’re making our own little contribution in the form of the Arkham-verse.

“So as long as we’ve got stories to tell,” he continued. “So long as we feel we can do that and do that really well.There’s no other character that’s as awesome as Batman who’s got such an incredible rogues gallery, who’s got such and amazing structure for gameplay. All it takes is to give a guy an assault rifle and it changes the entire nature of combat.”

Dax is obviously keen on the Batman character and loves the opportunities that being Bats offers in a game. Let’s face it, he’s right – Arkham City was one of the freshest and most unique takes on a comic book game to date, and is still one of my all time favourites.

“So you can put Batman up against 30 thugs in the street and just cane them and feel like a total don but as soon as one of them’s got a shotgun you have to rethink what you do.” said Dax, talking of Batman’s strategies. “That’s really rare for a superhero and we really love using the facets of his personality to create gameplay out of that.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future but right now I feel like we’re in a real sweet spot with the games that we’re making, the opportunities that we have so I don’t really want that to change.”

I, for one, am hoping that Arkham City won’t be the end for Batman in gaming – he’d been missing far too long before the Arkham games were released and I really hope he sticks around for the long haul.


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