Another Villain For Batman to Contend With

Another Villain For Batman to Contend With

Rocksteady, in typical Rocksteady-ish fashion, has been keeping a lot of Batman: Arkham City firmly under wraps. That didn’t stop the old internet leakage from occurring though, as there’s a new villain inadvertently been revealed before the game’s release.

‘Who is this villain you speak of ManaTank?’ I hear you ask. Well, given that we’ve already had announcements about the vast majority of typical Batman villains such as the Joker, Riddler, Catwoman and others, this means that the latest villain to be revealed is a tad more obscure; in fact, you may not have even heard of him unless you’re totally knowledgeable in the lore of Batman via the comic series.

This is the guy (courtesy of Joystiq):

As can be seen, the chap’s name is DeadShot, a mercenary who first appeared in Batman number 59, way back in July of 1950. He’s had sporadic appearances in Batman related things since that day, but has never really stepped into the limelight. His appearance in Arkham City – assuming since he is yet to have his own big trailer and official announcement – probably means he will be a minor villain, similar to Victor Zsasz in Batman Arkham Asylum.

Finally, here’s a snippet of him in action in the comic – he’s dressed rather differently than his modern counterpart.



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