Another New Vegas Care Packagio on the way!

Another New Vegas Care Packagio on the way!

Lately I’ve been a sucker for all things New Vegas and the fun just keep on coming. For a game this late in its life, it certainly is getting the royal DLC treatment, especially with the new goodies set to drop later today.

Hot on the heels of The Lonesome Road DLC, which we just happened to conveniently review right here, are two more DLC packs for gamers to sink their teeth into. Neither are as substantial as a full DLC story add-on, but nevertheless, they are better than nothing.

The Courier’s Stash ( available later today for 160 MS Points or $1.99 on the PSN and Steam) will give you access to four content bundles that were previously only available to those who were eager enough to pre-order the game so many moons ago. It will include The Caravan Pack, Classic Pack, Mercenary Pack, and Tribal Pack, with each offering unique weapons, apparel, and aid advantages for the struggling wasteland adventurer.

Gun Runner’s Assault (available later today for 320 MS Points or $3.99 on the PSN and Steam) will increase the range of all unique weapons, weapon mods, ammo types, and recipes.

So whether you’re like me and adopted this game quite late or are still deep in the throngs of a torrent love affair with the Mojave Wasteland, then know you are have not been entirely abandoned yet.

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