Travelling Back in Time With the 3DS Circle Pad

Travelling Back in Time With the 3DS Circle Pad

For anyone who is old enough to remember owning an original, brick sized Game Boy you probably also remember all the incredibly janky and mostly useless addons you attached to it.

Magnifying screens, raised buttons and external speakers weren’t too far from the norm and even as a child I couldn’t help but feeling I had wasted my dollar on something that not only devalued the console, but the residence it stayed in as well.


Similar feelings were stirred up when I caught a glimpse of whatever the hell this thing is.


Originally I thought that some clever individual who masquerades as an internet troll by day and a photoshop wizard by night had almost fooled with an image that, if you think about it, is actually quite a sophisticated joke. Apparently, I was wrong and this is not only a real piece of equipment but it’s also marketed and sold by Nintendo. 3DS owners – prepare your hands for The Circle Pad.

According to rumor the Circle Pad not only adds a second analog stick, but also an R2 button and the entire device is being created for the 3DS release of Monster Hunter: Tri.

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