Sony To Release Fully Immersive 3D Visor

Sony To Release Fully Immersive 3D Visor

Ok, it’s official – the science-fiction esque future we always see at the movies is finally arriving as Sony has revealed they plan to release a fully 3D head visor peripheral that looks like something straight out of your favourite science fiction movie.

Coming as early as November in Japan, the HMZ-T1 Personal 3D Viewer, as it is known, is designed to rest entirely around the head of the user and provide a fully immersive 3D experience away from the confines of a television. Oh, and it can be used with the PS3. Nifty, no?

Compromising of two OLED 720P HD screens which can output in 3D as well, the device may well take the world by storm and cause all of us to live in our little bubbles, listening and watching our own things. Personally I want one just to get away from the monotony of watching soaps with my girlfriend, but at a starting price of £480 (approx) they’re asking a lot.

A pitch from Sony about the device reads as follows:

“Picture the scene, you’re sharing your television with friends, and while they watch the latest blockbuster movie, you decide you’d rather get a high speed kick from Gran Turismo 5.

“Normally, short of grabbing the TV remote and upsetting your mates, there’d be little to do except sit and quietly imagine the thrill of the Nurburgring at 200 miles per hour, while waiting for the movie’s credits to roll…

“The Personal 3D Viewer is about to change all that, however, as you’ll soon be able to immerse yourself completely in a private world of entertainment. Slipping the straps of the device around your head, you’ll feel as though you’re sat in your own personal cinema – complete with a dazzling 3D display and dynamic, 5.1 virtual surround sound.”


“Jump behind the wheel of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG in Gran Turismo 5, and you’ll be treated to some of the best racing action on PlayStation 3, amplified by incredibly crisp High Definition and 3D visuals. Two crystal clear OLED screens – the same technology that provides the spectacular display on the PlayStation Vita system – can be adjusted to suit your viewing preference, so you can watch and play in absolute comfort.

“Scenery whips past you, rival cars appear to roar out of the display at you and, in first person view, you can almost feel the steering wheel through your driving gloves. And with the high contrast TruBlack display providing you with a vivid, rich picture, you’ll be speeding over the deep black tarmac of Gran Turismo 5, racing against incredibly detailed rival cars with no motion blur.

“Dive into the breathless firefights of Killzone 3, and you’ll see those twin OLED screens comfortably keep up with all the action as it intensifies to give you a flicker-free image, whether it’s of mushrooming explosions or onrushing enemies.

“A wide viewing angle is designed to draw you fully into the world in front of you, while all-encompassing sound lets you hear footsteps approaching you from behind, or gunfire blasting from all sides, thanks to three-dimensional Virtual Phone Technology.”

So, how will you use the 3D headset?

“Plugging right into 3D games and movies couldn’t be simpler,” Sony explains. “Use an HDMI cable to connect the Personal 3D Viewer to your PS3 system and you’re ready to go. Built-in controls let you adjust the volume and change settings, giving you complete flexibility to tailor your own experience.

“Get right into the heart of cutting-edge entertainment with a High Definition, 3D picture and 5.1 virtual surround sound and take centre stage in your favourite games and movies.”


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